5G Explained - UK

Course Fee : 1300 GBP Start Date : Jan 02, 2018 - End Date : Jan 03, 2018 | Location : London, UK

Name: 5G Explained


Target Audience

This training is addressed to everyone eager to learn about the upcoming 5G networks.


Training Objective

  • Describe what 5G is
  • Discuss the 5G network requirements
  • Familiarize with the new technologies that will be used in 5G Networks
  • Discuss architectural solutions in 5G networks



Duration of Training: 2 Days


Max Number of Participants: 15


Prerequisite: General knowledge of mobile communication networks.


 List of Modules

Module 1: Traffic Evolution in Mobile Communications Networks
Topics discussed in this module are listed below:

  • New Applications
  • Internet of Things
  • Mobile Data Growth
  • 5G Data drivers

Module 2: Mobile Networks Evolution
Topics discussed in this module are listed below:

  • Mobile Networks Evolution: from 1G to 5G
  • LTE Networks
  • Recent LTE Networks Features: LTE-Advanced Pro
  • 5G Use Cases
  • ITU Requirements for 5G networks: IMT-2020
  • 5G 3GPP Standards: Release 15

Module 3: LTE Advanced Pro: Rel. 13 and Beyond
Topics discussed in this module are listed below:

  • LTE-Advanced up to Rel. 13
  • LTE-Advanced Pro Features:

           o Full Dimension MIMO
           o Multi-User Superposition Transmission (MUST)
           o Enhanced LAA for LTE (eLAA)
           o D2D Enhancements
           o Enhanced LTE-WLAN Aggregation (LWA)
           o Active Antenna System (ASS) Enhancements
           o Other LTE Advanced Pro Features

Module 4: Introducing 5G
Topics discussed in this module are listed below:

  • 5G Technical Objectives
  • 5G Concepts and Architecture
  • 5G New Radio (NR)
  • mmWave Spectrum for 5G
  • Unlicensed Spectrum Integration
  • IoT in 5G
  • Machine to Machine Communications in 5G
  • V2X Communications in 5G
  • NetNet and Small Cells in 5G

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