IMS Explained

Course Fee : 2100 GBP Start Date : Aug 07, 2017 - End Date : Aug 10, 2017 | Location : London, UK

Training Objective
IMS Architecture and Interfaces
Basic Concepts
IMS solutions – VoLTE, PES,SRVCC
IMS core Enablers
IMS protocols – SIP,Dimater,H.248.RTP
Signalling procedures
IMS Core Enablers – (P/I/S-CSCF),MRFC
MRFP.IM-MGW, Application Servers
Call flows & Procedures – Registration, IMS  to IMS,IMS-PLMN/PSTN
Policy Control procedures
Charging in IMS
Duration of Training: 4 days


Should have basic understanding of GSM – CS/PS,LTE
Should have basic understanding of SIP and IP protocol
Should have understanding SS7/ SIGTRAN
1. IMS Evolution, Architecture Basic concepts

Telecom Evolution – 3GPP Release (R97-R10)
Importance of Voice over IP and Next Generation Networks
Introduction to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
The business drivers for IMS,IMS Opportunities and Challenges
Benefits and Flexibility with IMS
MS Standardization: 3GGP, 3GPP2, TISPAN,OMA,IETF
Convergence of Mobile networks – Fixed Mobile Convergence
IMS Layers - Access Layer, Transport Layer, Control Layer, Application Layer
IMS specific Identifiers – IMS Identifiers – IMPI,IMPU,SIP URI,TEL URI,PSI
Basic IMS Principle for Mobile Access
Architecture of the 3GPP IMS Network (IMS Core)
IMS Interfaces and Protocols – SIP,H.248,Diameterm,RTP
Various IMS Solutions – VoLTE, SRVCC, POTS Emulation (PES)
2. IMS Core (Detailed)
IMS Core Enablers – (P/I/S-CSCF),
AS-MMtel Server (Detailed Description) ,3rd party Registration
IMS service capability layer (IM-AS,IM-SSF,OSA-SCS)
Role of DNS/ENUM in IMS
MGCF ,IM- MGW (IMS – PLMN/PSTN Interworking)
SS7/SIGTRAN Overview & Protocol stack
IMS Media Enablers MRFC/MRFP (Media Controller and processor)
Relevance of RTP protocol and Codec Negotiation
IMS Basic call Flow – MO/MT
IMS Numbering and addressing
C-SCSF Functions, Registration, De-registration
P-CSCF Interactions, Emergency call Handing
I-CSCF (MT Router) ,Topology Hiding
Use of SBC( Session Border Controller ) A-SBC,I-SBC
Charging Principles in IMS -Online(OCS) and Offline charging(OCS)
Charging interfaces- Rf ,Ro
Relevance of ICI,IOI
3. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
SIP functions and protocol stack
SIP functions SIP message transport protocols – UDP,SCTP,TCP
SIP architectural elements
SIP syntax, SIP session setup example
SIP transactions and SIP dialogues
Request messages and their layout
Standard SIP messages
Response messages and their layout
SIP call flows
Routing relevant information
SIP URI domain name resolution
SIP registrations SIP De-registration
SIP message body - Session description protocol(SDP)
SIP message body headers
SDP tasks and function
Session description parameters
SIP Response Codes – 1xx,2xx,3xx,4xx,5xx,6xx
4. Diameter Protocol, PCC, Policy & QoS Mechanism

Cx/Dx/Sh/Dh Diameter Applications
Diameter Base Protocol and Cx/Dx/Sh/Dh Diameter Applications
Diameter Base Protocol, Diameter message layout, AVP layout
Request - answer model and response codes
Use of Diameter – Authentication ,Authorization and Accounting Procedures
Use of Diameter Protocols and its applications in IMS ( UAR,UAA,MAR,MAA,SAR,SAA)
S6a/S6d Overview, Procedures
Policy and Charging Control (PCC) over the Gx and Rx Interface
Rx and Gx Diameter Application specific Signaling Flows (IPCAN – VoLTE)
Call Flows (IMS-IMS, PSTN Gateways, Charging) and IMS Road Map
ISUP call flow
Role of IMS MGW for IMS to PLMN /PSTN Interworking
Call Flows – IMS to IMS call flow, IMS to PSTN,PSTN to IMS
Media Negotiation call flow
IMS IVR and Conference call Flows -(Interaction between AS ,MRFC,MRFP)
H.248 Request for Media Resource mgt.(ADD ,MOD,SUBTRACT of H.248 Resources)
IMS interaction with BSS/OSS Layer
Post-paid charging call flow, creation and transfer of charging records to BC(billing system)
Road maps for IMS

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