The IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a Telecommunication solution for delivering IP multimedia services. Such multimedia services include traditional telephony, fax, e-mail, Internet access, Web services, Voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging (IM), videoconference sessions and video on demand (VoD).

In this course, you will thoroughly study the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), including various wireless /wired access systems that are used by the IMS. You will begin by studying the systems surrounding the IMS to gain a clear vision of the big picture. Once you understand where the IMS fits into the mobile & PSTN, you will study the IMS architecture through a process of lecture and hands-on training.

You will learn key IMS protocols including SIP, SDP, H.248,DNS/ENUM, and Diameter followed by extensive call flows to understand the relevant protocols. You will learn what each IMS component is and how it functions in an actual production network. You will also examine how IMS weaves into the current telecommunications network – both wired and wireless.

The lessons in this course are clear, very technical, and always practical. Since at least 20% of them are hands-on, you can both investigate and reinforce each lesson.


Target Audience.

This course is intended for someone who is working on GSM, Circuit switched

& Packet switched products and who wish to learn earn IMS concepts, architecture and functions.


Training Objective                           

  • IMS Architecture and Interfaces
  • Basic Concepts
  • IMS solutions – VoLTE, PES,SRVCC
  • IMS core Enablers
  • IMS protocols – SIP,Dimater,H.248.RTP
  • Signalling procedures
  • IMS Core Enablers – (P/I/S-CSCF),MRFC MRFP.IM-MGW, Application Servers
  • Call flows & Procedures – Registration, IMS  to IMS,IMS-PLMN/PSTN
  • Policy Control procedures
  • Charging in IMS



Should have basic understanding of GSM – CS/PS,LTE

Should have basic understanding of SIP and IP protocol

Should have understanding SS7/ SIGTRAN


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