Introducing 5G New Radio

Format: eLearning, Self-paced
Duration: 2hr 45mins


Brief Explanation

The 5G wireless networks are being rolled out worldwide from October 2018 and at the moment major operators are testing the 5G Networks based on existing 3GPP standards.

5G represents a new generation of technologies that impact the core and radio access of the operator’s network; but also, a restructuring of the business models leading to many, previously economically inaccessible markets such as IoT on a much larger scale.

With the Introducing 5G New Radio (NR) eLearning course, the student will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the new air interface standarized by the 3GPP for 5G Networks.


Introducing 5G New Radio (NR)

The Introducing 5G New Radio (NR) course introduces the new air interface defined by the 3GPP for the 5G networks. This course introduces the most important changes in the air interface in relation to the existing LTE air interface, such as subcarrier spacing, bandwidth parts and Massive MIMO.


Course Objectives:
•    Familiarize with the different bands to be used in 5G, including mmWave bands.
•    Understand the air interface changes introduced by the 3GPP for the 5G New Radio.
•    Familiarize with the new reference signal concept in 5G New Radio
•    Familiarize with the channel structure in 5G New Radio.
•    Understand the new concepts related to MIMO introduced by the 3GPP for 5G New Radio.


Target Audience:
•    This course is addressed to everyone interested to learn the basics of the 5G air Interface. Some basic knowledge of 5G networks is recommended.


Course Content:
•    Introduction to 3GPP 5G New Radio (5G-NR)
•    Spectrum for 5G
•    5G NR Physical Layer Aspects
•    5G NR Reference Signals
•    5G NR Measurements
•    5G NR Channel Structure
•    MIMO in 5G




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