Introducing 5G

Format: eLearning, Self-paced

Duration: 1hr


Brief explanation:

The 5G wireless networks are being rolled out worldwide from October 2018 and at the moment major operators are testing the 5G Networks based on existing 3GPP standards. 5G represents a new generation of technologies that impact the core and radio access of the operator’s network; but also, a restructuring of the business models leading to many, previously economically inaccessible markets such as IoT on a much larger scale. With the Introducing 5G eLearning course, the student will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current 5G developments. 


Introducing 5G

The Introducing 5G course introduces the next major phase of mobile telecommunications networks, beyond the current 4G/LTE-Advanced standards. This course introduces the most dominant technologies and architectures in the near future which will make possible a 5G network. 


Course Objectives:

  • Describe what 5G is
  • Discuss the 5G network requirements
  • Familarize with the new technologies that will be used in 5G Networks


Target Audience:
This course is addressed to evryone eager to learn about the upcoming 5G networks.


Course Content:
1. Traffic Evolution
2. 5G Network Requirements
3. 3GPP Standards: Release 15
4. 5G New Radio (5G NR)
5. 3GPP 5G Architecture




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