Introducing MIMO

Format: eLearning, Self-paced
Duration: 1hr

Brief explanation:

4G is the fourth generation of mobile communication networks developed and standarized by the 3GPP. 4G networks is the natural evolution of the existing 3G networks based on HSPA technology. 4G development and standardization was the first attempt of the 3GPP to define a network that provide the capabilities defined by ITU in their IMT-Advanced set of requirements.

The first-release of a 4G networks was commercially deployed in Norway and Sweden in 2009. Since then, it has been deployed throughout most parts of the world. One of the key technologies that helps 4G networks to achieve the IMT-Advanced requirements is MIMO. With the Introducing MIMO eLearning course, the student will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the basic concepts of the multi-antenna systems.


Introducing MIMO

The Introducing MIMO course introduces one of the key technologies used in 4G. This course cover the evolution of MIMO through the different 3GPP releases as well as the different modes of operations defined by the 3GPP.  


Course Objectives:

•    Familiarize with the basic concepts of MIMO
•    Understand the different transmission modes defined by the 3GPP for MIMO
•    Familiarize with the different steps in the technological evolution of MIMO


Target Audience:

•    This course is addressed to everyone interested to learn the basics of MIMO. Some knowledge of 4G networks is recommended.


Course Content:

•    LTE-Advanced MIMO Enhancements
•    FD-MIMO




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