LTE was seen as a completely IP cellular system just for carrying data, and operators would be able to carry voice either by reverting to 2G / 3G systems or by using VoIP in one form or another. The Meanwhile, Voice over LTE solution was devised as a result of Telecom Service providers and OEM seeking a standardized system for transferring traffic for voice over LTE.


Learn Volte, IMS, and the SIP protocol in this intensive 4-day class. This class thoroughly covers Network elements introduction and call flow through the e-UTRAN, EPC and into the IMS core. We will create the entire picture clear and back up all that we teach with call flows and Wireshark using an IMS platform. This course also covers enough of other technologies like Diameter and DNS to allow you to understand the complete picture. The lessons in this course are clear, technical, and always practical, and since much of it is hands-on, you can investigate and reinforce each lesson.


Target Audience

This course is intended for someone who is working on LTE, GSM, Circuit switched /Packet switched products and who to learn earn VoLTE concepts, architecture,  Interfaces & Protocols, functions and Call procedures


Training Objective                           

  • Introduction to VoLTE
  • LTE/EPC Overview
  • Signalling procedures
  • Protocols in VoLTE Ecosystem- SIP, Diameter,H.248
  • VoLTE Access procedures
  • QoS in LTE/EPC
  • VoLTE call management & interworking
  • IMS Services & SMS interworking
  • Charging




  • Understanding of LTE, GSM – CS/PS
  • Understanding of SIP and IP protocol
  • Understanding of SS7/ SIGTRAN 

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